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Inactive Bureacrats

Hello to all Perfectionists,

This is MasterMystery, otherwise known as Jay, your newest admin! I've noticed The Perfectionists Wiki has many bureaucrats and admins, which are users who want to lead the way for other editors and keep the wiki as organized, clean, and (italics) factual. This wikia has seemed to changed hands many times, from the initial three Bureacrats to Daniel Vaglietti to recently OnlineDancers and me. Although, in total, five Bureaucrats and admins have been active this recently, it seems only three - OnlineDancers, me and Daniel have actually contributed in terms of editing and maintaining articles and the wiki not only in this month, but in two years. Although the other two, the original bureaucrats, have indicated that they have come back after a years-long hiatus, they haven't showed any real acts of or interest in contributing, other than message wall comments. In one case, only one bureaucrat has only 25 edits to his name since the start of this wiki two years ago, all message wall comments and no editing of any sort.

This reason of this thread is to gather a community consensus of whether Tysonjackson and CaitlinSnow deserve to keep their bureaucratic rights or to have them be taken away. Leave a comment with "They don't - take away their rights" or "They do, don't take away their rights".

If the mentioned Bureacrats see this and plan on becoming consistently active, please state if you are active and plan on contributing. We only want an active admin team who will contribute to make this wiki the best!
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