Please ensure you read this guide before uploading images.


  • All images used on Pages should be added to the Photos category.
  • All images used on the Main Page (design and theme) should be added to the Main Page category.
  • All images used on Blogs and User Blogs should be added to the Blogs category.

For more information: Categories Guide


  • Ensure all images uploaded are high quality. If you cannot locate a high quality version please post a request on the forum.
  • Do not upload images with watermarks or logos.
  • Do not upload stretched, resized or blurry images.



  • 260 x 270


Please ensure you name images appropriately. If you are unsure what to name an image please check the gallery for related images and name similar for consistency.

Character Page


Main Page

If you would like an image added to the main page please ensure the image meets the quality and size requirements. Please post on the Forum stating the image name, where you would like it added to the main page and the reason.

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