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    Hey New Yorkers..or people of the universe. Yes, I do realize that not all of you live in New York. And by "all" I mean my mom, because she's probably the only person that actually reads this blog. So I guess that means "all of you" a.k.a. my mom, do in fact live in New York. 

    Anyway, I had my very first singing lesson with my school's choir teacher, who is also a vocal coach. Her name is Ms. Greene, but she insists I call her Marisa. I haven't actually done this yet, however, because for some reason calling teachers by their first names makes me uncomfortable. As if I'm breaking some sort of law. 

    First, she began teaching me how to read notes. For all you musicians out there (even though there are no musicians reading this blog because as …

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  • Awesomelycherry


    Hey, me again. What are you fine ladies and gentleman doing this fine evening? Isn't everything just so fine lately? Well, it's not. Today, I woke up to the sound of horns honking, tires screeching, and people shouting. Fun way to start a morning am I right? So I went to school like I usually do, but I couldn't stop thinking about that music contest I told you guys all about. How I was going to win it. Then I remembered. I don't know how to sing! That set the mood for my whole day. And the weather apparently. You New Yorkers would know that it was gloomy, and chilly today. My favorite kind of days. Not because I'm a downer or anything, its just...I like seeing the rain fall from the sky and soke into…

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  • Awesomelycherry



    To whomever stumbled upon my blog:

    Hi. Maybe you know me. Maybe you don't. But I'm just another nameless face that you walk by in a crowded hall, where everyone is hustling and bustling to make sure they're not late to English or Geometry class. Or maybe I'm someone that you bumped into on the busy streets of New York City, while looking at your iPhone. Hope you weren't late for that meeting. But I know who I am. At least I thought I did. Until now.

    One day I was in my mom's minivan on the way to school, I turned on the radio, something I never do. Why, you might ask. Doesn't every regular teenager own an iPod, or stereo, where they can bust out to their f…

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